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CromAir – Aircraft Charter Australia

Established in 1992 Cromair has 25 years of experience chartering aircraft to government, mining, private and tour organisations across Australia. With its bases strategically located in Queensland and NSW, Cromair is able to provide fast and cost efficient air charter solutions for its clients. If the company cannot meet your requirements we also offer a aircraft charter brokering service and utilise our years of aviation product knowledge and contacts to supply the product that is right for you.

Offering Air Charter services from all Australian Airports including Sydney, Bathurst, Canberra, Brisbane and Bundaberg to name a few. Talk to the team about your next flight request.


Our Tours

Crom Air hosts a number of tours for adventure experiences around Australia.




Bathurst Races

  Cromair has charter available for the Bathurst Races; 4 - 7 October. Need a cost effective solution for travel, whether you are part of a group of hardcore fans, or part of an executive group? CromAir can organise travel that is quicker and more cost effective...

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CromAir Safety & Training

CromAir conducts regular training for all pilots and staff. Chief Pilot and Senior Pilot Paul and James conducted advanced aircraft performance and emergency training at the Gold Coast airport recently. CromAir training for our clients safety.

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Hamilton Island Golf Tours

If you love your golf or need a weekend away this is the golfing trip that you will never forget. Climb aboard CromAir luxury plane for a day or two day Hamilton Island golfing experience.

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